Five uses of OneNote you need to know

‘Quick Notes’

Why not try these handy features from OneNote to save you valuable time:
Windows+N opens a ‘quick note’ without opening the programme itself
Windows + shift +S allows you to screenshot any area of the screen

Shortcut Musts

Ctrl+alt+1 (2 or 3) create new headings
Ctrl+1 create new checklist
Ctrl+2 create a custom tag
Ctrl+ . create a quick bullet point
Ctrl+K insert a link

Embed (almost) anything

One of the most impressive features of OneNote is its ability to embed almost anything, including remotely recording audio and video from desktop. So don’t be shy with the insert menu, be adventurous!

Change the view

Selecting ‘Normal View’ gives you full toolbar access, ‘Full Page View (F11)’ maximises the workspace by limiting distracting tabs and pages, whilst ‘Dock to Desktop’ mode enables side-by-side browsing and note making.

Microsoft Office Integration

Seamlessly embed excel tables into OneNote and edit Excel spreadsheets within OneNote. Flag text in OneNote to create a task in Outlook and easily email entire pages from OneNote instantly without damaging the page formatting.

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