Internet Explorer hit by security breach

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As news of the Heartbleed Bug was hitting fever pitch we were warned of another security issue that could potentially have far reaching consequences. This time the security breach hit Microsoft’s popular web browser, Internet Explorer (IE). The situation escalated quite quickly, to the point where we were being advised to switch to other browsers, such as Google Chrome or Firefox, until the issue was resolved.

What’s happened?

An unpatched flaw has been found which allows the installation of malware onto your computer without your permission or knowledge. As with the Heartbleed Bug, this leaves your computer and personal data exposed and vulnerable. The malware installed could be used to steal personal data, track your online behaviour, and even gain control of your computer.

How do I know if the Internet Explorer I’m using could be affected?

The unpatched flaw is present in IE version 6 and above.

What is Microsoft doing about it?

Microsoft have responded quickly and have already released a patch which can be installed by running a normal windows update.

Initial fears were that Windows XP users would have no protection against attack, Microsoft stopped supporting the XP operating system at the beginning of April this year. But XP users will be relieved to hear that the fix released by Microsoft also covers the unsupported system.

However, if you are an XP user, it is worth considering upgrading your operating system off the back of this. If anything of a similar nature happens in the future, or if you have any other issues, you will be unable to look to Microsoft for help.

What should I do?

Now that the fix has been released you will need to run your Windows update to install it, your IE browser will then be safe. If you are still worried about using IE, the easiest and safest thing to do would be to switch browsers.

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