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IT Services in Cross Hills

Ilkley IT Services offers a wide reaching IT support service in Cross Hills and around the Wharfedale area. We take care of the important technical elements of your IT set up so you can focus on what matters to your business with the peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

Our affordable packages of support allow businesses to have the security that comes with professional IT experts monitoring and maintaining their systems without needing to establish an in house department or commit to a longer term contract. We keep a close eye on your system’s performance, looking at a number of indicators to be able to predict potential issues and resolve them quickly and effectively without needing to disturb your work flow.

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A Comprehensive IT Services Package for Cross Hills

Our comprehensive IT service provides support across a number of different elements of your office or workplace IT systems. From the monitoring of your office hardware, as well as installing and monitoring antivirus software, we’re able to assure you are getting the most out of your technology and IT resources and that your tools are delivering for your business. Along side these elements, we also offer a discount of 20% on any on site visits which are needed. Furthermore, we’re able to offer unlimited off site support by our email support system or by phone.

In addition to the general IT support service we offer, we can also provide a server support service. This extends to both traditional and cloud server support. Again, we monitor the performance of servers very closely to anticipate complications and problems and negate them in advance. This proactivity also includes our back up service. With both online and offline back up options, we aim to provide you with the peace of mind that your important files are both secure and have copies backed up in case of the worst case scenario. This also means you’re not dependent upon outdated and unreliable methods of backing up your data and important files, such as memory sticks or insecure file sharing platforms.

An Attentive Local IT Service for Cross Hills

Our focus is on providing a local and very attentive service to all our customers. Because we only operate in a limited regional catchment, you know we’re never far away if you need urgent on site help. What’s more, we take the time to properly understand your business and its IT needs, so we’re on top of your system and understand how to help. Because we’ve supported many of our customers for so long, we’ve had the pleasure of moving many businesses into new premises so they can expand their teams. Around 95% of our new business comes directly through existing customers who’ve warmly recommended the service we provide which we feel reflects the quality of assistance and support we’re able to provide.

To find out more about our services why not get in touch with our team, who can be contacted on 01943 601601 and let us know about your business and IT needs.

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