Why upgrading your software is important

by | Jan 28, 2017 | IT Support, Small Business IT

With the news that Microsoft is stopping support for Windows XP on the 8th April 2014 many businesses are wondering what this means for them. Going forward it means they will need to upgrade their operating systems before support is pulled. If they don’t they may not face immediate problems but, should something go wrong further down the line, they may have to make fast and costly decisions to ensure that the business can keep functioning efficiently.

All businesses rely on technology heavily. Unfortunately the majority of them don’t make the investment in upgrading the software that is the linchpin of their business until forced by the software companies. Even then many do not upgrade until something goes fundamentally wrong with their IT set up.

This unplanned approach costs time and money that many organisations can ill afford. Many business leaders, particularly in smaller organisations, can struggle to see the benefits of ensuring that they are using up to date software. They’ll replace plant equipment, company vehicles and other essential business equipment but somehow software isn’t given the same priority. Why take the risk on something that your business needs to function?

Five reasons that upgrading your software is crucial for your business:

  1. It can save you money in the long run – prevention is better than cure so they say; by investing rather than reacting you will be saving on cost in the long run. You can plan for the cost to your business and you won’t have to find call out fees and unnecessary upgrade costs.
  2. Your workforce will be more effective – if you are using accounting, graphic design or other specialist software then it’s always good for business if your team has the latest version to support them in their roles. It can also keep your clients happy if you are providing them with a service which heavily involves the use of these software packages.
  3. Software leads skills – Keeping on the subject of specialist software; in creative industries it’s the developments in software functionality that shape the skills needed to provide 5* service to your clients.
  4. It reduces stress – If, like many SME’s, you leave upgrading your key software packages, operating systems etc… until something goes wrong then there is a lot of stress involved. You may struggle to get IT support immediately, you will have to find the money to cover costs that weren’t budgeted for and you will have downtime that could mean getting behind on servicing your clients
  5. Less risk of downtime – in the case of using out of date operating systems such as the soon to be unsupported Windows XP if the system fails after the 8th April 2014 then the business may struggle to function.

So our advice is to ensure that you place the same level of importance on keeping your IT systems up to date as you would any other business equipment. It can save a lot of inconvenience in the long run.

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