Empowering Renewable Energy with Robust IT Solutions

Case Study: P4 Solar

Client Overview

P4 Solar

About P4 Solar:

P4 Solar is the North’s top-rated solar panel installer, boasting over 160+ happy clients. With decades of experience in the renewable energy sector, and is dedicated to using the best solar and battery storage products. As a family-owned business, P4 Solar focuses on providing exceptional care and attention to each customer, ensuring their needs are met. They have secured over £1 million in government grant funding for its clientele, a figure that continues to grow.

The Challenge

When P4 Solar was starting up, they faced the daunting task of setting up their entire IT infrastructure. The owner wanted to avoid getting overwhelmed with IT concerns to focus on promoting and expanding the business. They needed assistance with:

  • Procuring and setting up laptops and PCs.
  • Configuring Microsoft 365 emails and SharePoint.
  • Migrating any existing emails and data over.
  • Setting up a secure router and WIFI network.
  • Implementing a cloud-based telephone system.

P4 Solar required a scalable, robust IT setup to support its growth without constant worries.

The Solution

Ilkley IT Services provided a comprehensive support and security package tailored to P4 Solar’s needs. The services included:

  • Procuring and setting up new laptops and PCs.
  • Installing a router, network switch, and WIFI access points, fully managed by Ilkley IT.
  • Configuring Microsoft 365 with cloud emails and SharePoint.
  • Implementing a secure cloud-based phone system, which is fully managed by Ilkley IT.
  • Providing ongoing IT Support and Cybersecurity services.

Why Ilkley IT Services?

P4 Solar chose Ilkley IT Services for its reputation as an established local business capable of handling initial setups and providing ongoing an IT partnership as the business grows.


The implementation process was thorough and efficient:

Microsoft 365 Setup:

  • Procured Microsoft 365 Business Premium licenses.
  • Configured and applied security baselines.
  • Set up Teams channels and SharePoint sites for internal communication and document storage.
  • Migrate any existing emails and data.
  • Implement a robust cloud backup solution.

Hardware Procurement and Configuration:

  • Acquired and optimised laptops, monitors, wireless keyboards, mice, and docking stations.
  • Set up new user accounts on the laptops and configured access to emails, OneDrive, and SharePoint.
  • Install best-in-class cybersecurity solutions.

Network Setup:

  • Configured the router with BT broadband.
  • Installed a network switch.
  • Installed network cabling.
  • Installed Ubiquiti wireless access points.
  • Configure network management.

Phone System Installation:

Configured existing phone handsets with our cloud telephone system and installed them on each desk.

Challenges and Solutions

One small challenge was dealing with BT when installing the broadband. Ilkley IT Services provided guidance to expedite the process, and P4 Solar plans to switch their broadband services to Ilkley IT Services once their BT contract expires.

The Results

With Ilkley IT Services’ assistance, P4 Solar successfully established a robust and secure IT infrastructure, enabling the owner to focus on core business activities. The new setup included hardware, software, network, email, cloud storage, and a phone system, all implemented with minimal input from the owner.

Client Feedback

The client expressed immense satisfaction with the efficiency of the setup process. They appreciated the minimal involvement required from their team, allowing them to focus on business growth. P4 Solar has since expanded its client base and engaged in notable projects, including installations for businesses like the Ben Rhydding Scout Hut and sponsorships like Ilkley Town AFC’s training kit.

What our client says about us

“Ilkley IT Services was a game-changer for us. Their efficient setup allowed us to focus on growing our business without worrying about IT issues. Their team’s professionalism and expertise were evident throughout the process. We’re thrilled with our robust and secure IT infrastructure and look forward to continuing our partnership with Ilkley IT Services.”
— Peter Maddocks, Owner of P4 Solar


P4 Solar’s experience with Ilkley IT Services highlights the importance of having a reliable IT partner. The successful implementation of a comprehensive IT solution has positioned P4 Solar for continued growth and success in the renewable energy sector.

If your business needs a reliable IT partner to support your growth, contact Ilkley IT Services today to see how we can help you achieve similar success.