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IT Support in Shipley

Ilkley IT Services offers a complete support package for all your IT needs in Shipley. Covering a number of different important elements of IT in your office or workplace, we provide you with peace of mind and an attentive local service.

For businesses who don’t want to commit to establishing a department or in house team for IT support, our service is available without a long term contract commitment but still provides the security and assistance that you need in order for your business to flourish. We take a very proactive approach to our support work, monitoring your systems and hardware very closely in order to predict problems before they happen and reduce any downtime you might experience. Often we’re able to resolve complications without our customers needing to be disturbed, meaning you don’t lose any productivity.

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A Comprehensive IT Support Package

To ensure your set up runs smoothly, our comprehensive IT support service includes a number of different elements. This covers antivirus set up and monitoring, hardware monitoring and general advice and support with the day to day operating of your resources to ensure that you get the best performance from your IT set up. For when it’s needed, our IT support service also includes a 20% discount for on site visits and this is complemented by unlimited off site support through email or by phone. Our aim is to communicate with clarity, avoiding unnecessary technical lingo and explaining things as straight forwardly as possible.

In addition to the PC support service we provide, we also offer reliable server support. This includes regular monitoring, as well as an antivirus and security service and dependable back ups to ensure that your files are protected and retrievable. This also means that you no longer need to depend on unreliable means of backing up your files, such as through memory sticks or by email. Because we keep a close eye on the performance of servers, again, we’re able to pre-empt any issues and foresee potential risks.

An Attentive Local IT Service in Shipley

We’re proud of the attentive level of service we offer to our customers. We offer a personal and local approach which allows your company to operate and grow with the peace of mind that your IT needs are looked after; our attentive staff are only a quick phone call away. We’re very proud of our reputation with our customers and have provided IT Support to many of them, helping them grow from fledgling businesses, to helping them move into larger offices and take on large teams of staff. We’re here to assist with the transition as your company grows, ensuring you have the materials and infrastructure in place for optimum performance, and that your documents are secured and properly backed up.

To find out more about what we can do for your business, why not get in touch with us on 01943 601601 and tell us about your company’s IT needs.

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