Recommended Technology Platform


At Ilkley IT Services, we work hard to build what we call our ” Recommended Technology Platform”. We know that using products across this platform will give you a great platform to operate your business from (we know this because we “Eat our own dog food” and use ALL of the services below to run our own company).

Our engineers are trained in and keep up to date with technology across this core set of products to ensure that we can quickly, efficiently and expertly assist you with working with those products.

We also maintain a strong network of contract engineers to call on for specific expertise in high-level or advanced customisation of these core services.

Recommended Technology Platform

  • PCs and Laptops
    • Dell
    • Microsoft
    • Lenovo
  • Networking
    • Ubiquiti Switches
    • Netgear Switches
    • Ubiquiti Access points
    • Netgear Access Points
    • Draytek Routers
    • Draytek Wireless
    • Cisco Meraki Firewalls
  • Print and Scanning
    • HP Printers
    • Xerox Printers
    • Sharp Printers
    • Zebra Printers
  • Security
    • ESET Anti-Virus
    • Huntress
    • Windows Defender
    • DNS Filter
    • CyberCNS Vulnerability Scanning
    • MSP Dark Web
    • Keeper Password Manager
  • Storage
    • Synology NAS Drives
  • Backup
    • Redstor Pro
    • Datto SaaS Backup
  • Software
    • Microsoft Windows 10 and above
    • Microsoft Office 2019 and above
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Exclaimer Email Signatures
    • Adobe Products
    • Google Chrome
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Zoom
  • Infrastructure
    • Microsoft Azure
    • Microsoft Server Platforms
    • Microsoft Virtualisation – Hyper-V
    • APC Battery Backup Power Systems
    • Eaton UPSs


Whilst we work hard to stay trained and up to date in all of the above Technologies, we know that from time to time, you’ll need help with something that’s not on the list.

When this happens, remember that it may take some extra time to familiarize ourselves with supporting that product.

But take solace in the fact that we are still world-class at troubleshooting other products, so we’ll be able to work it out!

Also, please keep in mind that whilst we may be able to purchase items from other vendors that we don’t list above, any support may end up being Out of Scope for your Fixed Fee Support Agreement and incur some extra costs.

We’ll always let you know beforehand, though.