6 Steps for Robust Vulnerability Management

by | Apr 5, 2023 | Cybersecurity

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Technology vulnerabilities are an unfortunate byproduct of innovation. It’s estimated that 93% of corporate networks, including those in Leeds, are susceptible to hacker penetration. Many organizations suffer breaches due to poor vulnerability management, with 61% of security vulnerabilities in corporate networks being over 5 years old. To combat this, follow these six steps to establish an effective vulnerability management process for your Leeds business.

  1. Identify Your Assets: Begin by taking inventory of all devices and software that connect to your network, including computers, smartphones, tablets, IoT devices, servers, and cloud services. This helps you determine the scope of your assessment.

  2. Perform a Vulnerability Assessment: Engage an IT professional to assess your systems for known vulnerabilities using assessment software or penetration testing. This process identifies weaknesses in your security by comparing software versions against vulnerability databases.

  3. Prioritize Vulnerabilities by Threat Level: After the assessment, rank the discovered vulnerabilities according to their severity using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and your business needs. Address the most critical vulnerabilities first.

  4. Remediate Vulnerabilities: Address vulnerabilities according to the prioritized list, often through updates, security patches, or hardware upgrades. Increasing advanced threat protection settings can also help. Verify the effectiveness of your fixes.

  5. Document Activities: Keep records of your vulnerability assessment and management process for cybersecurity needs and compliance. This documentation will be vital in case of a future breach and inform subsequent assessments.

  6. Schedule Your Next Vulnerability Assessment Scan: Vulnerability management is an ongoing process, so schedule regular assessments to stay ahead of potential risks.

Protect your Leeds business with a robust vulnerability management strategy. Call us today to schedule a vulnerability assessment and fortify your network against cyberattacks.

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