6 Steps to Prevent Cloud Misconfiguration and Breaches

by | Mar 25, 2023 | Cybersecurity

Cloud Breaches

Misconfiguration of cloud solutions is a critical issue often overlooked in Leeds businesses’ cybersecurity strategies and is┬áthe number one cause of cloud data breaches. As companies embrace cloud apps, they often assume security is handled solely by the provider, leading to a shared responsibility model for cloud security.

Misconfiguration is the number one cause of cloud data breaches, resulting from inadequate security settings and practices. In fact, 45% of organizations experience between 1 and 50 cloud misconfigurations daily. The main causes include insufficient oversight, lack of security awareness, too many cloud APIs, poor monitoring, insider negligence, and inadequate expertise in cloud security.

To reduce the risk of a cloud data breach in your Leeds business, follow these six essential steps:

  1. Gain visibility into your cloud infrastructure to identify and protect all cloud apps being used by your employees.

  2. Restrict privileged accounts to minimize the risk of misconfiguration and limit the number of users with administrative access.

  3. Automate security policies to reduce human error and improve cloud security.

  4. Utilize a cloud security audit tool, such as Microsoft Secure Score, to identify and remediate existing misconfigurations.

  5. Set up alerts for configuration changes, enabling quick detection and resolution of potential security issues.

  6. Consult a cloud security specialist to ensure optimal security settings and data protection for your Leeds business.

Improve your Leeds business’s cloud security and lower the chances of data breaches with these essential steps. Contact us today for a cloud security assessment.

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