Is your data safe in the cloud?

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Over the past few years, there has been a dramatic increase in cloud computing within businesses, with recent studies suggesting that revenues for global cloud services are growing by 30% annually.

Of course, cloud computing offers a large range of benefits for lots of organisation, large or small. Instead of having to have all of your servers and software and other IT infrastructure in-house, cloud computing allows businesses to implement resources on-demand and customise them around their requirements, which is part of the reason Ilkley IT Services recommend Office 365 among other cloud based solutions for our clients.

So what are the main cloud computing concerns?

With all software and cloud based solutions, the current concern for all businesses is security. With Cloud Computing not being a physical entity – how can you be sure that your systems are secure from cyber-attack?

The answer is encryption.

To keep data secure, the front line of defence for any cloud system is encryption. Encryption methods utilise complex algorithms to conceal cloud-protected information. To decipher encrypted files, would-be hackers would need the encryption key. Although encrypted information is not 100% uncrackable, decryption requires a huge amount of computer processing power, forensic software, and a lot of time. Can it be done? Yes, the only way to keep your data safe for certain is to lock it up in a safe beneath the ground. That being said, your cloud-stored data is generally far safer than your locally stored data. Cloud services utilise more complex security methods than the average computer owner is able to devise, giving your cloud-stored data an added level of protection.

Keeping your data secure is your responsibility as well as your cloud provider’s responsibility. As hackers demonstrated through the celebrity iCloud breach, poor password security can give cybercriminals an all-access pass to your private data. To keep your password safe, avoid using the same password over multiple platforms; add letters, numbers and symbols to your password, and do not utilise a password that is in any way related to your personal life. Any hacker worth his salt will know your address, your children’s names, the type of car you drive and your favorite restaurant.

Luckily, here at Ilkley IT Services we’re experts in helping our clients set up and maintain secure, resilient and cost-effective cloud computing services. We’ll help you through the minefield of picking the right solution for your business, and in doing so we’ll give you the peace of mind that you’re implementing the best possible security measures for your business – our team is always happy to help!

Ilkley IT Services keep lots of businesses like yours safe and secure so that they never need worry about threats to their IT infrastructure. Please call us on 01943 601601 to find out more about how we can help you, or request a call back – we’ll be happy to help!

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