Is it time to refresh your hardware?

by | Apr 17, 2018 | Small Business IT

Hardware refresh

Refreshing hardware is often a task that gets overlooked. Over time PCs slow down, but we often don’t notice until it’s unbearable.

PCs and laptops always seem fast when first purchased. The reason for this is that they are built to deal with the versions of software at that exact moment. As time moves on, programmes get updated, broadband speeds increase, and stored information builds up, all of which put undue pressure on your hard drive and processing power. At that time you’ll notice a huge lull in performance and should consider refreshing your machine.

As a general rule of thumb, businesses should look at refreshing their PCs every 5 years if not sooner. Leaving it longer than this will run a higher risk of the hardware completely packing up. Aside from this, there are several other good reasons why you should refresh your hardware.


Hardware is improving all the time. Not only will your new PCs be quicker because they’re fresh and unused, but they will also have better specs than your previous ones. Your new PCs will be able to handle running multiple programs at once with ease, enabling your staff to multitask effectively. Employees will no longer have to wait when switching between programs or working on two documents simultaneously for example. Your new PC might also afford a multi-screen setup. This in itself can have a huge impact on staff productivity.


New PCs will likely come with the latest version of Windows, which Microsoft have announced is the last version they’ll produce. In contrast to the previous versions, Windows 10 is available as ‘Windows as a Service’. Rather than being a one-off box copy purchase, it is now available by monthly subscription. This subscription works per user rather than per device allowing users to install Windows on up to 5 devices each. The subscription makes managing and reallocating licences easy too.

The main benefit of Windows 10 is that it has much more regular updates – major updates every 6 months rather than every 3 years, and regular smaller security updates. This keeps your PC secure and ensures that your staff are always working with the latest features and are reaping the benefits from doing so.

Another feature of Windows 10 is BitLocker. BitLocker comes as standard for the Pro and Enterprise editions of Windows 10. BitLocker encrypts your entire hard drive. This means that if somebody were to remove your hard drive, they would be unable to read the information stored on it, adding an additional layer of security to your critical business information.


If you have concerns about your PCs’ performance, we can analyse all the PCs in your organisation to find out the age of the hardware and how it’s performing. From this information we’re able to make suggestions about how to improve your hardware, and whatever our recommendation, we can help you all the way. We offer Managed Support Packages too where we can help you maintain and look after your hardware and other areas of your IT setup.

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Why Ilkley IT Services?

We help small and medium sized businesses who don’t have an in-house IT department maximise and maintain their business IT infrastructure.

We constantly monitor your PCs, network and other IT devices. We’ll often prevent problems from happening without users even knowing, meaning you and your staff continue to work uninterrupted.

On the rare occasions when things do go wrong we’re ready to respond quickly and efficiently. With our vast experience and investment in the best tools we are well equipped to get you back up and running in the quickest possible time.



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