Is That Text from Your CEO Genuine or a Scam?

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Cybersecurity

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Imagine you’re an employee going about your day when suddenly you receive a text from your CEO, urgently requesting your help. They need you to buy six $200 gift cards and text the information immediately. The sender promises reimbursement by day’s end, but you won’t be able to reach them by phone for the next two hours due to meetings. Would you question this request or quickly comply?

A surprising number of employees fall for this gift card scam, which can come via text message or email. Without proper training, 32.4% of employees are prone to fall for a phishing scam. Hackers use social engineering tactics to manipulate emotions, making employees afraid of not fulfilling a superior’s request, eager to save the day or desiring career advancement.

Here are tips for avoiding costly phishing scams in Leeds and Bradford:

  1. Always double-check unusual requests. Verify any strange requests or those involving money by contacting the person through other means.

  2. Don’t react emotionally. Scammers try to make victims act before thinking. Take a step back, analyze the message objectively, and ask if it seems genuine or out of the ordinary.

  3. Get a second opinion. Consult a colleague or your company’s IT service provider to evaluate the message. This can prevent making costly judgment errors.

Ensure your employees receive up-to-date phishing awareness training. Contact us today to schedule a session to bolster your team’s defences.

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