Myths About Cyber Security Debunked

by | Feb 24, 2023 | Cybersecurity

This blog post uncovers common cyber security myths that often mislead business owners, leading to increased vulnerabilities and potential cyberattacks. By debunking these myths, businesses can better protect themselves and their valuable data.

Cyberattacks only target large organisations:

Small businesses are also at risk due to weaker security measures and lack of training, making them appealing targets for cybercriminals.

Antivirus software is enough:

Although antivirus software is crucial, businesses should implement additional security layers like boundary protection and strong passwords to enhance protection.

No sensitive data means no worries:

Cybercriminals can still exploit vulnerabilities on your devices to launch attacks on other systems or steal personal information.

Cybersecurity is too expensive for small businesses:

Affordable cybersecurity solutions, like DNS Filtering and firewalls, can prevent more costly damages from cyberattacks.

Nothing to hide means no need for cybersecurity:

Cyberattacks can cause identity theft, monetary losses, and reputational damage, making cybersecurity a necessary precaution for all businesses.

Cyber threats are always external:

Internal threats, such as disgruntled employees or those bribed by cybercriminals, are also a significant risk.

Passwords are safe from hackers:

Password managers can create and store unique, strong passwords for each account to prevent unauthorized access.

Not opening unknown emails guarantees safety:

Viruses can access contact lists and send infected emails that appear to come from known contacts, making email safety an ongoing concern.

You’ll know if your computer is infected:

Modern malicious software is often undetectable, making cybersecurity measures even more essential.

Cybersecurity is solely the IT department’s responsibility:

Every employee should take part in protecting company data and ensuring a secure digital environment.

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