8 Questions to ask your backup provider

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Small Business IT

Questions to ask your backup provider

Entrusting a Backup provider with your data is a big step; you need to know that they’re reliable and exactly what service to expect. Here at Ilkley IT Services, we offer Clunk Click Online Pro, a comprehensive Online Backup Solution. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, but today we thought we’d share our most commonly asked questions with you.

1. Are you and your service reliable?

Yes – we’ve been providing quality IT services to local businesses for over 13 years. We pride ourselves on our reliability and honesty; it’s the reason 95% of our new business is from recommendation. The Clunk Click Online Pro service is reliable too. We receive daily notifications of all our customers’ backups, so any problems can be sorted quickly and efficiently.

2. Do you offer a Disaster Recovery (DR) Solution too?

Yes – we offer a DR solution, as well as Online Data Backup.

Online Data Backup is when we backup your files to our datacentre. If an event of data loss occurs, you can access your files immediately and we can do a restore as soon as you have somewhere for the files to go (i.e. a Laptop, Desktop, or Server).

DR has two different options available: Warm State DR and Hot State DR.

Warm State DR means that we backup your files in the same way as Online Data Backup, but we also do a Full System Backup, enabling a Full System Recovery. This means that as well as your files, we also backup your server’s settings and configurations. Consequently, when we do a restore we’re able to restore your files as usual, but also your server’s settings and configurations creating an exact replica of your server pre-disaster. We can restore onto a physical server, or we can spin up a Virtual Machine (VM) in our datacentre for you to restore to.

Hot State DR is very similar to Warm State DR, but the Virtual Machine is already up and running in our Datacentre ready for you to restore to, so each time you Backup we’ll restore a copy onto the VM too. The main benefit of this is that it will drastically reduce your Recovery Time Objective (the amount of time you can cope without accessing your data), as it essentially shortens the recovery process in a disaster scenario.

3. What are the costs?

Our service is tailored to your business, so the cost is dependent on numerous different factors including your volume of data and how quickly you would need to restore your data in an event of data loss. However, with Data backup, you pay per gigabyte. As your volume of data increases, the cost per gigabyte reduces. For a DR solution, you pay per gigabyte for your backup and an additional monthly cost for the VM.

4.What security measures are in place?

To provide complete security, your data is encrypted at all stages of the backup and DR process: before leaving your computer, in transit, and at rest in our datacentres. We use Military grade AES 256 encryption for total security. Every backup account has a unique encryption key that allows you to encrypt and decrypt your data.

5. Where is our data backed up to and stored?

Your data backups rests in our two UK datacentres. It is mirrored between both datacentres meaning that there is always an identical copy in an alternative datacentre. This is in case of the unlikely situation that something should happen to the datacentre. Both datacentres are physically secure with advanced registration and multiple security checks as requirements before access is granted.

Our datacentres are very secure having multiple accreditations including:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 9001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • The Green Grid
  • Carbon Trust Standard
  • EU Code of conduct for data centres

6. Is there a service availability guarantee?

We aim for 100% service availability. Because of this, we offer a service-level agreement that says that if availability drops below 99.5%, a service credit would be given representing 25% of the total monthly cost. If the service drops below 95% (which has never happened) we would refund 75% of the monthly cost!

7. Do you meet industry standards?

Yes. Data validation, data versioning (the option to restore a historic version of a file), encryption, location of data (i.e. UK datacentres for UK customers), and accreditations are all adhered to.

8. Can I get my data out?

Of course! You can access your data anytime through our web access portal or through the app on your device.



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