The Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Support

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Small Business IT

Outsourced IT services

In today’s world business is reliant on IT; it’s almost impossible to imagine our day-to-day operations without it. Business would, slowly but surely, grind to a halt. Our dependence on IT certainly highlights the value of it, but unfortunately, for many companies maintaining an in-house IT team is costly and unrealistic.

Consider a specialised recruitment agency with only three staff members. IT is fundamental to their business, but with only three staff members, it would not be worth hiring an in-house IT team – even if it was just one person. The time and financial burdens would probably be greater than the benefit.

At Ilkley IT we offer IT support contracts. They’re perfect for SMBs that need the expertise of an in-house IT team but don’t have the facilities to fulfil one.

As mentioned, IT support contracts can bring many benefits and is a great choice for many organisations. So, in this blog we thought we’d outline the main benefits of outsourcing your IT team.

  1. Increased productivity

With your IT under control, there will be no IT problems causing downtime, none of your staff will spend time trying to fix problems, and you won’t have to spend time researching and staying up to date with technology and its latest offerings. With Ilkley IT, all of this is taken care of leaving your staff with more time to do their jobs. An IT support contract might also allow opportunity to upgrade your systems and increase productivity that way too.

  1. Easy implementation

A huge benefit of IT support contracts is that any changes to your systems (changing your antivirus or upgrading an Office 365 licence for example) can be implemented smoothly and easily because you have the expertise there ready to go. In the unfortunate scenario that there’s a problem, it can be fixed quickly. We’ll work with you guiding you through and helping you fully understand any decisions, and ensuring you know what we’re doing our end too.

  1. Cost savings

IT support contracts work on a monthly payment model. This means that you’re not only freeing up your cash flow, but this set monthly fee means you’re also able to plan and budget much more effectively as your costs don’t fluctuate. If we need to come onsite or work additional hours, we will always let you know in advance so there’s no surprise costs. Furthermore, taking up a support contract with us also entitles you to discounts on our other products and services, saving you even more money!

  1. Increased Security

Your IT systems will be monitored constantly – most of the time we detect and deal with problems without you even realising. We can also advise you on which products are essential for your business to operate securely and implement those quickly and effectively as appropriate. We can also take care of the everyday security tasks, such as patching and updating software, that can get easily overlooked in your day to day operations.

  1. Access to IT expertise

Let’s not ignore perhaps the biggest benefit – quite simply that you have access to IT expertise. We’re happy to help you with everything from advising on your day-to-day computing, through to setting permissions and installing new software. Anything you need help with, we’re here.


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Why Ilkley IT Services?

A support contract from Ilkley IT Services is ideal for small and medium sized businesses who don’t have an in-house IT department.

We constantly monitor your PCs, network and other IT devices. We’ll often prevent problems from happening without users even knowing, meaning you and your staff continue to work uninterrupted.

On the rare occasions when things do go wrong we’re ready to respond quickly and efficiently. With our vast experience and investment in the best tools we are well equipped to get you back up and running in the quickest possible time.



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