What is Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection?

by | Apr 3, 2018 | Small Business IT

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) in Office 365 delivers virtually unparalleled email security without affecting your productivity. With nearly 70% of all network breaches originating from human error and click throughs from malicious links, threats are constantly evolving and are a continual risk to businesses. ATP in Office 365 has your company’s back. With numerous safeguards in place, you have real-time protection from new, sophisticated threats, keeping your email secure. Below are some of the ATP features.

URL Detonation

This feature prevents security compromises through scanning users’ URL links for malicious activity. The URLs received in emails will automatically be scanned for malicious behaviour and will go through a reputation check. If the link is malicious, the user will receive a notification warning them not to open the link. Even though the scans are very quick, users might click on a link during a scan. If this happens they will be informed that a scan is in progress.

Safe Links Policy

Administrators are able to audit users’ clicks by setting up a Safe Links Policy. This allows admins to monitor user behaviour and focus their training on the staff that choose to bypass the security warnings.

Safe Attachments

Working in a similar way to the URL Detonation feature, Safe Attachments scans email attachments for malicious behaviour. Email attachments are subject to real-time behaviour analysis in order to separate malicious attachments from genuine ones. Attachments that are identified as unsafe are automatically detonated.

Dynamic Delivery

This feature is the result of Microsoft’s continuous efforts at reducing scanning times. With Dynamic Delivery, scanning times are not only reduced, but users can open and respond to emails mid-scan meaning there’s no impact on users’ productivity. If a user clicks on an attachment or link during the scan, they will be notified that a scan is in progress. If the attachment or link is malicious it will be filtered out and the user will not be able to open the link. If it’s not malicious, then it can be accessed as normal.


ATP can be purchased as an add-on to most Office 365 plans for a small additional cost.


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