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As a local Yorkshire business, we serve many cities in the area. In fact, Yorkshire is one of the largest counties in the UK, stretching from the North Sea to the Pennines and from the River Tees to the Humber and farther inland.

This is a beautiful county that has much to offer when it comes to places to visit. Because we love this area so much, we’ve put together a list of our favorite places to visit in Yorkshire! Our list of favorite places is not put in any certain order. So, work through the list in a way that works for you! Just be sure to enjoy the many great sights and places to visit as you do!


1. Guiseley

is one of the top 15 places to visit around Leeds. This is a location that’s a favourite with anyone who loves nature, parks, and more. An interesting note about the city is that it was once the home of Harry Ramsden, the world-famous Fish & Chip shop! The shop was opened in 1928. Today, you’ll find a restaurant called the Wetherby Whaler, where you can still find some great fish & chips!

For those who love parks, be sure to check out Nunroyd Park. This is a small wooded area that sits next to pen spaces and offers a beautiful walk under the trees. The mixed forest has well-marked, grassy paths that take you through a beautiful bit of nature. What’s more, Nunroyd Park is also host to rugby, cricket and offers a skateboard area, along with a small pond that includes ducks!

The city also features two retail parks: Guiseley Retail Park and Westside Retail Park. These are two great places for anyone who enjoys shopping at stores such as Argos, Next, and TKMaxx.


2. Bingley

Bingley is another city in Yorkshire where you can find many things to do and see. This is a market town with a population of about 20,000. It’s located in the Airedale Valley, surrounded by Cottingley, Crossflatts, Eldwick, Gilstead, and Micklethwaite.

It’s easy to reach Bingley by rail from Leeds and Bradford, the Leeds-Bradford International Airport, and by motorway.

As you visit Bingley, be sure to check out Myrtle Park situated near the centre of town. This is one of the most popular places in the town. The park offers a variety of native trees and wildlife and includes a beautiful meadow near the River Aire. If you enjoy parks, be sure to check out Prince of Wales Park and the St. Ives Estate, where you can take in plenty of nature.

Bingley also offers some amazing places to eat and stay, along with some local shops where you’ll find plenty of treasures to buy!


3. Keighley

Keighley is another small town in Yorkshire that’s situated between Airedale and Haworth Moorland. The town is the terminus of the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway, a steam line that’s been restored from the good old days of rail travel.

While you’re in Keighley, you may want to check out the Bingley Five Rise Locks, which is part of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal. This is listed as one of the seven wonders of the waterways. The locks offer beautiful views of the Aire Valley, along with a lovely café and private mooring site for boats.

The town is also host to the Keighley & District Agricultural Show and the VOCES8 and Bradford Cathedral Choir Concert. You’ll also find plenty of other events to take in at Keighley.


4. Shipley

Shipley is another beautiful town located in Yorkshire, where you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Saltaire. Saltaire is a Victorian model village located in Shipley. The village was started in 1851 by Sir Titus Salt, a leading industrialist of Yorkshire’s wool industry. If you love Victorian-era buildings and sites, this is the place to go.

If you enjoy old railways and trams, visit the Shipley Glen Tramway. This is a funicular tramway located in Shipley Glen, not far from Saltaire. This is a fun ride for the entire family!

For those who love being out of doors, take a walk through  Northcliffe Park. The park is a 35-hectare area near Shipley that offers parkland, woodland, and more. You’ll find the park, playing fields, and more. This is another place your entire family will enjoy!


5. Silsden

The town of Silsden was first mentioned in the Domesday Book in 1086, where the name of the town is “Siglesdene.” The town is situated in an agricultural area; however, it played an important part in the Industrial Revolution. It hosted a few mills. The town still has some industry today.

Not far from Silsden you’ll find the Doubler Stones. The site features a pair of interesting rocks that developed due to erosion of the landscape. You can reach the rocks from a circular walk from Ilkley. When you get to the stones, a panoramic view opens across a beautiful landscape.


6. Wharfedale

Wharfedale is a valley on the upper parts of the River Wharfe and is one of Yorkshire’s Dales. You’ll find this lovely valley in North Yorkshire. The towns in this valley include Buckden, Grassington, Arthington, and more.

Visiting the area, you can find plenty of places to walk. There are routes for everyone, including those that are more gentle and others more physically challenging. What a great location to find a place to have a relaxed picnic, too!

After taking a ramble through the valley, you’ll be ready for a great meal. So, be sure to stop by the Burley Tap, a small, friendly place in the village of Burley in Wharfedale.


7. Otley

Otley is a town that was first developed in Saxon times when its name was Othe (an Old English word for “wood clearing.” Here, you’ll find some great places to visit.

Start with the Parish Church, where you’ll find displays of the town’s Saxon history. The site features stone crosses dating from the earliest Christians who came there to live in the 7th century. And don’t forget to visit The Knotties Stone on Otley  Chevin, where you can find some of the oldest prehistoric rock art in the county.

The town also offers several other monuments and churches to visit, along with trails heading off into the Ale Trail and the Chevin Forest Geology Trail.


8. Yeadon

Yeadon is another town located within the borough of Leeds. You can start your visit off by visiting Yeadon Tarnfield Park, which offers great views of planes taking off and landing at nearby Leeds and Bradford Airport. Take a stroll around the tarn and let your kids use up their energy on the park’s playground. During the summer months, the area features several events for the entire family.


9. Skipton

Skipton (also referred to as Skipton-in-Craven) is another market town in Yorkshire. The town was listed as one of the Best Places to Live in northern England by the Sunday Times. If you enjoy castles, then be sure to take in Skipton Castle, a Grade I Listed medieval castle built in 1090 by Robert de Romille.

And if you’re into walking, then be sure to travel the 100-mile hiking route called Lady Anne’s Way. This is a route located between Skipton and Penrith. The trail goes through land and buildings once owned by the Clifford family.

Families may want to check out Raven Tree Top Adventure. Here, you and the kids can have fun walking the hire wire, balancing on logs high in the trees, and more. The park offers adventure courses for both kids and adults so that the entire family can have fun in the treetops!


10. Harrogate

Harrogate is the last city on our list of favourite places in Yorkshire. This is a spa town that became the source of chalybeate and sulphur spring water in the 16th century. Here, you’ll find a wide range of activities to enjoy.

Start by taking a stroll through Birmingham Rocks, which offers amazing rock formations and views of nature. You’ll find rocks with interesting names such as The Sphinx, the Camel, and more. If you’d rather visit some gardens, take a walk through the RHS Garden Harlow Carr. Here, you’ll find a peaceful place to take in some stunning gardens filled with flowers and plants. And if you get hungry, stop by Betty’s tea room for some refreshments.

If you love vintage shops, we highly recommend visiting Space Vintage and the Retro. These shops feature vintage clothing, furniture, and more. You’re sure to find a bargain you just can’t pass up!


Summing It Up

So, there you have it! These are some of our favourite places in Yorkshire! Each place has its own attraction and you’ll find something for everyone in your family by taking trips around this part of Yorkshire! It’s easy to stay in Leeds and take day trips to each of our favourite locations!




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